Content marketing.

Content marketing is one of the important trends of digital marketing. And it’s gonna stay. So let’s start with content marketing and it’s parts. Let’s talk about video first. Videos have become one of the most important parts of content strategy in 2020, The number of businesses that use video as part of their marketing is up 38% since 2017. And 72% of consumers say that they now “prefer videos” over text-based content.

So if you want to get started with video marketing, now’s a good time.
Here are some things you can do in your video making, to make it successful.

Number one,

Nail Your Video Intros. A strong first few seconds can keep the watchers watching and hooked on to your video. However, You might want to avoid Starting your videos with fancy animated logos or spending 30 seconds explaining why your video’s topic is important, as this gives a bad impression to the users.

Number two,

Focus On YouTube. YouTube is the biggest video platform, far better than Facebook or Instagram. YouTube videos have the potential to gain views years after you upload them, and of course since Google owns the platform, it can greatly increase the success of your SEO efforts.

Content marketing - Youtube
Number three,

Optimize for Suggested Video. The other great thing about YouTube is that it gets your content in front of new people. The best way to get your videos seen on YouTube is to Optimize for “Suggested Video”. Suggested Video is the section on YouTube that’s to the right of the video you’re watching. To get more views from YouTube Suggested Video, optimize your video description and tags around a growing, popular topic, put the appropriate thumbnail in your video and promote your content well.

Number four,

Work Off of a Script. If you get nervous in front of a camera, try reading from a script. This will help make your videos super crisp and will increase your confidence too.
Let’s talk about email marketing. Email marketing might be old but it’s still as important as it was before. 79% marketers state that email is their most important content distribution channel. So let’s see how you can distribute your content with email newsletters and more.

Replace your blog feed with a homepage as it has been known to increase conversion rate. Use Topic Upgrades. Content Upgrades are still a great way to build your email list but they’re pretty tough to maintain. Topic upgrade is just a version of content upgrades and works really well to bring your targeted visitors every month. Send Exclusive Content to people, the things which you don’t publish by Blog, so that your newsletter remains valuable to the people.

Content marketing - publishing your blog post

Next step is publishing your blog post.

If you want more traffic from your blog posts, be an original source of content, which contains new Interesting data. Focus on new topics and trends to increase your organic reach. You can create a blog on a new topic and It’s an advantage to write a case study for a new topic since there’s no data on the topic yet, it can be an advantage for you. Focus on Validity. Your data has to be fully valid. Publishing flawed findings can harm your reputation and rankings. Visualize Your Findings. Visuals make your data easier to understand and visuals give other bloggers something to embed into their posts.

Promote your content With a Press Release. If your data uncovered something interesting or surprising, a press release can help get your post in front of journalists that cover that topic.
You can get a really great reach on LinkedIn if you position yourself well.
LinkedIn has tons of cool features like video posts, active groups and dynamic profiles. You can Use LinkedIn Posts to Promote Your Content. Since linkedin has really good Organic reach right now, you can promote your content there. But there’s a catch. Your content needs to be super engaging for it to get the required views.

You can Repost Blog Content as LinkedIn Articles. People actually enjoy the content on LinkedIn. You can repost some of your content as LinkedIn articles. Optimize Your Profile for Followers and SEO. Add all the required information like about and bio and add your relevant skills.
Let’s talk about epic content now. There’s more content published now than ever before. Which makes it really hard for your content to stand out. In fact, according to Orbit Media, 47% of bloggers state that “getting traffic and attracting visitors” is their #1 challenge.

So how do you get your content noticed in 2020? Epic Content.

Epic content is just like it sounds: it’s content that’s so massive, so in-depth, so impressive, that it can’t help but get attention. And in this chapter you will see how to use this approach as part of your digital marketing campaigns.

Content Design Is a Competitive Advantage and Good design helps your content stand out. Quality matters more than Quantity. Epic Content takes time, energy and several rounds of edits and is worth the time and investment. You have to Work With Domain Experts. A Domain Expert can talk about the topic from their own first-hand experience, details, examples, beta versions, doubts, partnerships, pricing tests and a million other things that one can only get from doing something in real life.
One very important part of content marketing is jumping on emerging trends.

Epic Content is one way for your content to stand out. So how do you find growing trends that are about to take off?
You can use Google Trends Related Queries. Google Trends is great for confirming if a keyword is growing or shrinking. You can also compare two trends against each other:
You can use a tool called Exploding Topics.

Exploding Topics scans the internet for terms that are starting to blow up. You can also create a guide on an emerging topic and because the topic is so new, your guide will instantly become THE guide on that topic. You can also do content repurposing to gain more views.

Content marketing - Exploding Topics

Repurposing content is a great way to scale up your content marketing without starting over every time you want to create something new.

Here’s how you can repurpose your content.

  • Match The Content To Each Format.
  • Reuse Specific Steps and Tips.

You don’t need to reuse an entire piece of content for this approach to work. In fact, you can take one of your best sections from an existing piece of content and reuse that somewhere else.

Here are some bonus strategies for content marketing in 2020.

First off is to Create Content Designed for Links or Social Shares.

Second is to Experiment With Tweetstorms. Buffer recently found that Tweetstorms lead to more impressions and engagement. Tweetstorms combine the short, snappy tweets with long-form content.

Third is to Send Super-Personalized Outreach Emails. Whether you’re promoting content or reaching out to a social media Influencer, your outreach emails to work in 2020, they need to be super personalized.

Fourth is “Document, Don’t Create”. Instead of creating content from scratch, you can simply document what you’re already doing.
There are two main benefits of the “Document, Don’t Create” approach. First, your content comes out way better. Second, documenting is much easier and faster. After all, you’re documenting what you already do all day. You can also Promote Your Content with Partnerships, where you and another business work together on a single piece of content.

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